All the LightScribe templates!

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The LightScribe Template Labeler comes with a handful of default templates, but it turns out there are a lot more out there. They used to be hosted on the LightScribe website, but it seems that HP has grown tired of hosting this site, so they took everything down. Here are 43 extra template packs:

Download and Install each one and they should automatically show up in your LightScribe Template Labeler program when run.

Family Music & Art
Food-n-Family pack Music pack
Kids Korner pack With The Band pack
Pets pack Art pack
Tribal pack Get Crafty pack
Memories pack Tattoo pack
Life Events pack Architecture pack
Wedding Travel
Bridal pack Travel pack
Wedding pack Road Trip pack
Tie The Knot pack Adventure pack
Office Sports
9-to-5 pack Sports pack
Business pack Athletic pack
Fun Nature
Kickin’ It pack Nature pack
Street Style pack Floral pack
Fantasy pack In The Garden pack
Urban pack Animal pack
Expressions pack
Seasonal Misc.
Seasonal pack Straight Text pack
Holiday pack Quick And Simple pack
Winter Whimsy pack Grab Bag pack
Favorite Things pack Bonus pack
Celebration pack Hobby pack
Special Occasion pack Mythology pack

Thanks go to Bildmacher for locating these.

Looking for the Lightscribe Software?

The software is now hosted on my website because some readers have pointed out that it is no longer being hosted elsewhere. Here’s a list of EXEs I found in my Download folder related to LightScribe software:

Lightscribe PWSDK v.

Lighscribe SimpleLabeler v.

Lightscribe TemplateLabeler v.

LS Update v1.18.27.10

LS Diagnostic Utility v1.18.27.10

Need Lightscribe CD-R or DVD+R media?

If you’ve run out of Lightscribe media or you’re just getting started, I recommend getting:

hp-cd-r-52x-lightscribe a 50-pack of HP Lightscribe CD-R discs.
verbatim-lightscribe-color- a 10-pack of Verbatim DVD+R Lightscribe discs
with 5 different colors.

Both packs of discs get good reviews on Amazon and are a good buy.

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42 thoughts on “All the LightScribe templates!

  1. Actually, there were 43 different packs on the HP LightScribe website. Most sights have only one or two; you’ve gathered quite a few. I’d be happy to email the other packs to you, if you’d like. I try not to depend on websites continuing to make content available so I downloaded all of them a while back.

    1. 43, huh? That would be awfully nice. I don’t know how many people still use LightScribe, but I find it useful technology. Yeah, send it my way. I’ll put them up! 🙂

    2. I would appreciate if you could email those LightScribe packages to me. I wasn’t smart enough to anticipate that HP would discontinue supporting their site and did not download them. Thanks Federico

    3. I’m reinstalling LightScribe after having to restore my PC to original. If you would be so kind as to forward me the extra packs I would be most appreciative. Thanks in advance.

  2. Actually guys (and gals…) there were 50 packs 🙂

    I am looking to put them up soon…

    Oh, as Mark Twain would say… “The reports of LightScribe’s death have been greatly exaggerated”…


  3. Actually I was wrong… 🙁

    There are only 43 packs (sorry Cait… ) I had 7 duplicates… Silly me…

    Nevertheless I am still looking for a way ho host and make them available to all you Scribers out there…

    I have all the other free LightScribe software on my website, so if you need the System Software (Win or Mac) and/or the Simple and Template Labeler… please take a look…


    1. Please post the link of all the Template packs for LightScribe. Just got a new Lightscribe burner!
      Want to experiment with this!

      Thank You

      1. Kids pack is the wrong description –> Kids Korner pack
        here there are: all the 43

          1. yeah, cool , i don’t know about your handling with links, you can delete the ohter post with only the names, there was a sit , he want 14,95 for the packs.. and i don`wANT THAT :-)) and sorry for my bad english 🙂

  4. The listed above templates download the files as “.LST” and not JPEG, yet SureThing CD Labeler does not recognize the .LST files only picture files.

    Is there a way to convert the LST files or change SureThing ?

    Thanks … Don

  5. I got 42 templates, I downloaded yrs ago and still use light scribe all the time, also try surething free , it also is a light scribe labeler comes with templates and you can add thumbnails and back grounds, logo’s what ever. also look for the lightscribe tool box free at 4share

    1. there are 43:
      if you are sarch for that names you will find the direct downloadlink from

  6. If the site owner would like to contact me with the email I have included, I have a website that I would be happy to post all the packages too with direct downloads from my server. This post would stay on my site until the day it goes down that way more than one site has them all available. I find Lightscribe very useful and have stocked up on the CD/DVDs because you know soon they will stop be produced just like the drives have. So I recommend you buy all you can when you can because they will be gone. If the other person would like to contact me about the files, visit my site and use the contact me link and I will get the files from you to make available to everyone. Thank you for your time and to the site owner, thank you for this posting.

  7. Alright, I am desperate. Once, years ago, I found a custom Lightscribe template (yes, they do exist) where the whole thing was just a wrap of text, entire face, started and ended at the bottom of the CD and was “centered” so that when you started typing it started at the center of the “top”.

    Where did it go? I was such a fool for not saving it. I need to find it. It was perfect.
    If you know where it is, send me an email at my user name at

      1. LightScribe Simple Labeler is literally just that: simple. It can write out one line of text on the top of the CD, and one line of text on the bottom of the CD.

        I couldn’t find what I was looking for, and I ended up giving up. So I just made it instead.

        If you put into
        C:\Program Files (x86)\LightScribe Template Labeler\templatelabeler\content\templates
        It will:
        A – Replace the original Album template
        B – Let you easily put a lot of text onto the CD.

        It turns out that all those lst label files are really just Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Until yesterday I couldn’t read a single line of it, but after a few hours I was able to make the changes to Album.lst to have it do what I wanted it to. I could probably even draw a simple picture with it at this point in time.

        Any way, I’m going to ask Steve if he will host my custom template on his website. I don’t know about you guys, but I use LightScribe to put the track information on music CDs that I make. Other people might be interested in it as well.

    1. I don’t think there is a Mac version of the templates (they’re just data files), but there might be a Mac version of the Template labeling software. I’ll search around to see if I can find the software for Mac OS.

      1. ok. Thanks. I’ve got labeling software. The template files listed above are all .exe files which are not usable on Mac. It may just be the compression that others have used to create .exe ??

  8. FYI: In case you are wondering, there are still plenty of lightscribe discs to be had. Just ordered a pack of 50 from…$14.95

  9. I have the packs downloaded and am wondering if someone can help me install them so they show up in
    the LightScribe labeler? also what directory should the downloaded files be placed into??
    Any help at all with this would be immensely appreciated – I am installing the LightScribe software on Win 7 Pro 64 bit if that is of any use.
    Thanking you – sharahn

  10. looking for Lightscribe software update All the sites that say they have it, it won’t download, just sits there and churns. I have but want to update.

    1. Email? Sorry.

      You can click on the links above and download them yourself, though. (I seem to be missing a few.)

  11. So, no one has posted here in a while, so who knows if anyone will see this, but if anyone can send me links for the templates, I would be very thankful.

    1. Hmmm. I hadn’t realized that the Lightscribe website finally went down. I’ll see if I can host them on my server… I think I have all the templates.

    2. Ok, I managed to dig up 28 of the 43 templates. The missing ones are denoted above as such.

      Ok, we managed to get all 43 templates again. Feel free to download at your leisure. 🙂

  12. I downloaded all 43 of these to use in Sure Thing Disk Labeler ver. 6 I then ran the “*.exe” file. No problem, it ran w/o error. I have no idea where it put the images. I have looked in temp, programs(86)/light scribe/templates, Documents/ Sure thing/templates. All do not contain any thing new. I am stumped!

    1. I’m not sure these templates work with the Sure Thing Disk labeler. They were designed for the LightScribe software.

  13. thanks so much, i installed in windows 10 pro (1607 built) . only changed compatibility to windows 7 in properties… until now it`s working well.

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